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A helpful AI Co-pilot in your device.

Geek Chat is a cross-platform AI Client that supports MacOS, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet.

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  • Compatible with iPhone, Android devices, iPad, Android tablets, Windows, and MacOS.
  • Enhanced prompting capability
  • Data is securely stored locally to protect privacy and enhance security.
  • Supports multiple cutting-edge LLM models and providers, such as OpenAI and Azure OpenAI
  • Markdown & Code Highlighting & Latex
  • Prompt Library, Message Quoting
  • Streaming reply
  • Ergonomic UI design & Night Mode
  • Providing installation packages, no deployment required
  • Free and open source

Roadmap Link to this heading

  • OpenAI Offical API compatibility.
  • Dark/Light Theme Mode.
  • Talk with quoted messages.
  • Multi Language support (en_US, zh-Hans).
  • Prompt Library
  • Azure OpenAI API compatibility
  • Copy button for code blocks
  • Chat with files.
  • DALL-E3
  • Chat with URLs.

How to Contribute Link to this heading

Any form of contribution is welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Submitting issues
  • Submitting pull requests
  • Submitting feature requests
  • Submitting bug reports
  • Submitting documentation revisions
  • Submitting translations
  • Submitting any other forms of contribution

Development Link to this heading

Geek chat is developed using the flutter language. It can be compiled and packaged directly using the flutter command. It also supports the packaging of flutter_distributor.

Regarding flutter development using vscode and skip installing android studio, please refer to this article Manually installing the Flutter development environment on MacOS.

iOS packaging requires a profile. Before I obtain authorization from Apple developers, if you need to package iOS, please package it by yourself.

git clone
flutter pub get
flutter build ipa

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